Pigeon story


I went into the bakery this morning to get an iced bun (they’re vegan ok it’s all I can get) and I saw a pigeon playing with the automatic doors :smile: it was walking in and out and clearly enjoying the fact the door recognised it’s activities and kept opening and closing. It was ectremely adorable :sob: I would have filmed it all but I had to catch my train (which I nearly missed but it was worth it)


This was supposed to be the morning thread but I clearly took too long with my pigeon story


I think it deserves its own thread :slight_smile:


it was so worth it jb. also never ever apologise for an iced bun.


I’d be interested to hear if anyone else has any tales of animals interacting with technology as I really enjoyed this pigeon story





Fuck yeah. I often get a pack of iced fingers from Waitrose as a snack. The best.


theo can i have one


(Really hope this dog’s asleep and not dead).


No. I have all six to myself, sorry.


because of this i have retracted my previous like of your post.


Harsh times but it’s not like I could have posted one to you.



Pigeons are so brazen on the roads :frowning: nearly got hit a few months ago kicking a sandwich off the road and onto the pavement to stop the pigeons eating it and getting hurt


I was once parking my car an there was this pigeon sort of in the way so I beeped my horn and revved the engine a bit so it would get out of the way but when I got out of the car there it was, squashed to bits on the road.

Once I scared a pigeon on the pavement and it flew off and was hit by a car.

Once there was this pigeon eating something in the road and it played chicken with my car and lost. There were feather imprints on my bumper.

Once there was this pigeon on my windowsill outside and I was inside and I could go right up to it, like an inch away, and it didn’t fly off. The next morning it was on the ground lying on its back with its wings spread and all of its internal organs spread about the place. I went to work, it was gone when I got home.



flying rats


Pigeon killer


Once saw one pigeon walking after another and pecking its back continuously. Just wouldn’t let up. The other pigeon was missing lots of feathers from being pecked. Probably made up and became best friends though*
*definitely died


Nice pigeon stories only please :anguished: