Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs

Went to see Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs tonight at The Mill in Digbeth. Very, very excellent they were. Enjoyed their last two albums and had them in my end of year lists but never really think to put them on. Will do now, liked them a lot. Great show. Very entertaining front man.

Anyone care for Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs?


saw them at the last ArcTanGent, very enjoyable live band

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good photos. I don’t really know them but there’s a gig in Edinburgh and I have the day after off and it’s affordable so I should probably go

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My brother is coming up in a couple of weeks when they play in Glasgow.

I’ve been enjoying the last album at various points over lockdown.

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Honestly, I didn’t know what they look like and I can’t help being disappointed that it seems one would be far more likely to find them in an organic, pop-up craft beer hut than a satanic biker cult club house sited in a Wolverhampton scrap yard.

Still like the music though.

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When they did a gig in 2016 they were let down with a place to stay so they all came to sleep at mine after the gig when M was about 4 weeks old. They were adorable - they barely made a sound when they came in and left me a tshirt and some money too. Absolutely GBOLs.


Saw them at green man 2019 with @shucks and it was excellent fun. Great band


That’s amazing.

Yeah @AttackDuck I didn’t either, but I was pleasantly surprised they weren’t all hair.

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Awesome shots MisterSteve!

Saw them play upstairs at the O’Neill’s in Cardiff in 2019 and it was dead good. The atmosphere was electric and people were climbing everywhere. Great band and yeah I should definitely listen to them more.

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Great photos! Not seen them live but would like to, I really enjoyed Viscerals last year.


Wearing the right t shirt today.

Saw them a few times while living in Newcastle, always great and fun. First saw them supporting Oh Sees when they came up and was blown away.


Great band, really good live enjoy both the albums, glad there are still bands doing that swampy sabbath rock and keeping it interesting.

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Saw them in Bristol the other night, they sounded great. Second time I’ve seen them, first was in the Exchange which is pretty small, they have made a decent step up to bigger venues. I wasn’t sure what to expect from the crowd, they are big on 6 music, indie and hipster radars but there was a definite older proper metalhead contingent there. Sweet Relief is a standout song for me, although surprised Black Sabbath haven’t sued them over it already.

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We’ve compared t-shirts on here before I believe :+1:


Off to see them on Wednesday. Rescheduled from April last year, I remember they originally rescheduled for November 2020. Commented to the TV that a SEVEN month postponement was literally INSANE…


Seen them 3 times all in relatively small venues (Clwb, The Exchange and the Moles). Would see again.

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they were playing here last week and i was tempted but i’ve not listened to them much and i was seeing Kelly Lee Owens the next night so i gave it a miss. maybe next time.

Excellent band, love them. Viscerals was in my top 10 albums last year, proper dirt heavy. Bit gutted I’ve had to cancel my tickets for their London show, but don’t feel safe yet, plus, other stuff going on lifewise.

They were cracking when @rich-t and I saw them at Green Man, ridiculously good fun. A66 is a monster tune.


Yeah, I really like them too. Although I’m not wearing my tee-shirt today. When I listen to them I do go back to Feed the Rats more often than the latter two. Have seen them a few times, most recently (pre Covid) in Reading. Memorable for some absurdly ott stewarding, think back to the occasionally and wonder what they were trying to achieve other than a power trip:

Not sure if its related as I assume the stewards are for the venue not the band, but similar last night. The pit was heavily guarded, and crowdsurfers were forcibly ejected.

Maybe they’re just playing venues not used to heavier bands? Seemed odd either way.

My band supported them a couple of years ago. They thoroughly excellent and very lovely people.

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