This is the Pilates thread.

Have recently been convinced to take it up as I have no core strength. Doing a trial at one of those places with a reformer.

I’m so bad at it it’s unreal. Everyone else is acting like it’s easy and I’m dripping with sweat trying not to grunt like some sort of monster.

“Let’s just take you down a spring” :no_mouth:


Pilates was invented in Lancaster Prison by um…Mr Pilates.

I learned this from a tour of Lancaster Castle/Prison last year.


Imagine inventing an exercise and then naming it after your surname


Bernie Crossfit is a such a cunt.


Still not as bad as Jim Burpee.


Scoulge of the Seven Seas! :skull_and_crossbones:


I just looked this up, you weren’t even lying


Or Farley ‘Thighmaster’ Funk


Even a stopped clock…


Is his surname actually pronounced piLAHtays? Or is this just some sort of affectation to appeal to the middle classes as “just off to Pilots” doesn’t sound as good?


Well he was German so… I don’t know.


Yoga was invented by Alan Jogá. Little Peruvian fella. My dad knew him. Didn’t earn a penny from it.


Only one I can think of is Pontius.


A great bunch of lads…



back on thread…

pilates can be fantastic and done properly is very good for building core strength. Done badly or under no/poor supervision, it can be quite dangerous at worst/ ineffective at best.


what is this, like stretching?


Did a couple of pilates sessions on holiday this summer. Quite a humbling experience.


Yeah, I’m fast learning that getting it wrong is ridiculously easy.

Going by the rule of thumb of “which bit is meant to be hurting?” at the moment.


Not quite, but that’s part of it.

I’m too much of a noob to give a proper answer but this vid might help https://youtu.be/6-KZjUK2mT8


Definitely harder than it looks when you’re actually doing the movements right.