Pile (The band)


This is some pretty good stuff just got into them, anyone else bothered?


Love 'em. " The Jones" from that album is my favourite song by them. “Dogs” from their most recent album is also incredible, and a slight departure in sound for them

All the albums are great, seen them a few times now and they never disappoint.


Great band… All of their albums are worth listening to. Will catch them live when I can, think I’ve seen them at Brudenell three times now. Deserve far more recognition than they get, definitely puts me in a certain mood though a bit like listening to Harvey Milk does. Usually tear up to “Pets” specially if I’ve had a few.


I remember listening to a tune on recommendation of a friend. but like… a while back. it was really cool.

this is good. scrappy, kind of deconstructed and arty but still really warm and approachable? them’s the qualities I heard in the band initially.


Loved You’re Better Than This and Magic Isn’t Real.

Picked up the latest one last time I saw them and haven’t really listened to it much, not sure I’ve clicked with it like the others.


Huge fan. Saw them in Brighton. Immense live.
Dripping and Magic Isn’t Real are completely wonderful. You’re Better Than This strangely has some of their most beautiful stuff (Waking Up in the Morning, Mr. Fish) but most maddeningly obtuse stuff (Touched by Comfort, Yellow Room).
I do love how they sound like they are just about to fall apart but they somehow keep together. All their songs are mutated into weird shapes that suddenly surprise you with melody or violence, and of course Rick Maguire is a brilliant vocalist. He might not be the best lyricist in the world, but he’s also touched a nerve I can connect to.
Do really like the latest one. Great tunes on there, like Dogs and Leaning on a Wheel, and Fingers is another level. Check out the live one here on Audiotree.