💊 Royal Mail have delivered some slimming stuff to my neighbour 💊



Got this text this morning. Neither me nor my wife have ordered anything from NATURAL BEAUTY SLIMMING LTD. Just had a cursory look at their website, really hoping it’s the African green mango extract tablets. Might do an unboxing video when I get home.


when I order stuff sometimes I type random numbers into the phone number box because I know they’ll just sell my details on to spammers

bet someones done that


I tracked the parcel and it’s been signed for by the flat below!


Probably just some sort of discrete name for the willy enlargement tablets you ordered


lucrative detox tea instagram sponsorship deal?

#spon #ad


surprised that this of all things was too big for the letterbox


I think some kind of vlogging future is assured here.


This happened to a mate, turned out they were using his name and their address and then did a bunk on all the bills, loads of different catalogs. Took him months to sort out and he still has problems getting credit now


You can’t order anything off that website on credit. Whoever bought this has already paid for it.


Classic test run. You’ll be in worse shit than Deutchebank in a few months, mark my words


But at least I’ll be slim.