Pillow preference

Up until recently I’ve never slept with anyone who doesn’t require the need for at least 1 pillow.

I’m a 2 pillow man myself.


  • No pillow
  • 1 pillow
  • 2 pillows
  • More than 2 pillows
  • Other - soft toy etc

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Thinly-veiled ‘I’ve just had sex’ thread…


Two fairly thin pillows or one chunky one.

one side sleeper pillow, two lesser pillows

Start off the night with two, then change to one and hug the other one :blush:

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I use two but my top one is one of these Eve ones which are an absolute revelation. Normal sized pillow covers don’t seem to fit them which is annoying but still worth it.

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Used to be two but then it started hurting my neck.

Have a Japanese style neck pillow. Absolute game changer, could never get comfortable before.

Two normally but depends
On how many other
People I’m

Sharing the bed with!!!111
Heats up a bit so can go down to one
Although it’s
Good to have at least a spare to hand in that case
Gives you options
Either way it’s usually two and I
Regularly do have the sex in the bed.

Love a good pillow shagging thread

Pillows make no sense, right? Like, why do we need to prop our head up like that? Mattresses are soft? You’re all in the pocket of Big Pillow

do u use a pillow?

Distance of over 480 miles would indicate otherwise.

I REFUSE to answer that question. Yes. 2. But why? We don’t know


Three pillows or two and a throw cushion.
Another one between my knees, and if I don’t have any cuddly animals if I’m a hotel or whatever then another one to hug

I’ve always been tempted to give one of those a try.

I mean, look at it.


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i switched to one about a year ago it makes me feel a bit like a monk. but i prefer it. i read online that using less pillows is a sign of maturity and growth but i think they were on the wind up.

One thin one normal.

I fold one thin one over and put my head on that, sometimes put another one between my legs because it’s somehow comfier