Pillow preference

Used to be a one pillow guy but my new mattress is quite firm so I’m now a two pillow guy.

That’s what they call me down the cracker factory anyhow.

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Still have a memory foam one from when everyone was into memory foam, but then realised it feels like a brick and has to be the sub pillow. Another example of how big pillow got to us all!!

naturally prefer less pillows but when I was in college I had big trouble with my tonsils restricting my airflow at night so ever since I’ve propped myself up a bit more to prevent horrific sleep paralysis (despite the tonsils being gone now)

Two pillows, one with a satin pillowcase to protect my hair

I got Mrs F one of these for Christmas and it looks ridiculously opulent but she loves it.

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Doesn’t matter how many I use it will never Feel Right

Its so nice! So soft and comfy, i really really love soft textures and the satin pillow is amazing, really should upgrade the rest of my bedding and pjs in accordance. Used to have satin pyjamas that i loved so so much

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