Pillows Anonymous

Think I make this thread every two years.

Please spare a thought for me, a victim of two pillows being too many and one not enough.

Every morning my pillows are sloped, the end near the head of the bed much higher than the opposite end. Makes my neck feel shit. I’ve got a giraffe neck and I think it causes this situation.

Will never be fucking happy with my pillow situation.


What about wearing onen of those travel neck pillows on top of the one pillow? Or buying a kids pillow and addijng it into the same pillowcase as they’re much flatter so it’d make like 1.5 pillows (I’ve actually done this on Jnrs bed and it’s a very good pillow arrangement)


V relatable content, thanks for sharing


I’ve got a very old / very cheap pillow, it is so flat it is essentially half a pillow. I live in fear of losing it somehow.

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Become a latex user. They are also a bit thicker than one pillow and thinner than two.

Looks like I have been latex for over a year now (never ever going back)


I’ve got some feather pillows that have lost so many feathers they’re at optimum half pillow density but they’re going to eventually get thinner and thinner until it’s a lone feather in a pillow case.

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You shouldn’t really have feather pillows…

Yeah come on Scout what have we told you about your duck allergy

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When you’re poor you dont really get much choice in what’s gifted to you by home start.

Yeah sorry. What I should say is that no one should ever buy feather pillows.

although an infrequent sufferer, I too have known this pain. after a particularly bold move recently, involving discovering a nearly new pillow in the spare room while changing the bed, I decided to ditch an older pillow for the plump newby. Little did I know, the new one was far too soft for my needs and I almost suffocated to death all night long. It wasn’t until I pummelled that new pillow into shape that I felt comfortable again. For almost 1-5 weeks, I kept that pillow under the older pillow I’d retained, before swapping them back to find the newer one had settled down. Things still aren’t right around my head at night, but for now, at least, I’m not nearly suffocating to death all night.

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I agree. I’m vegan and I wouldn’t buy them, and also I have quite severe ocd and they make me feel a bit grossed out for some reason that i cant quite put my finger on, but as i say, wearing them down until I’ve one feather left before getting more.

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I need something to levitate my legs so my body is in a perfectly horizontal line from toe to the tip of my head. An uninterrupted flow of energy. Stripped to the waist. Fantastic.

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until recently was going with 1 firmish simba pilow, but chucked another soft ikea one on top and think I’ve cracked it after 34 years of single pillow usage. no more rubbaging around on the floor when you want to sit up, and feel like I sleep a bit more settled now, and snoring improved a touch.

Pillow from firmland, made of baby lion pelt.


currently rocking two pillows, but one is definitely thinner than the other. maybe it’s effectively 1.75?

I have to have more than one pillow though, unless it’s absolutely massive or something. always annoys me if we stay at a hotel and there are like ten cushions on the bed but only one pillow

everything the duvet touches is your kingdom


Just take our a loan if necessary to buy a Dunlopillo.

I say this to you every time.


Stayed in a friend’s Airbnb room lately and that had massive pillows that I thought would be awful but my head just sunk into it and it was beautiful. Keep meaning to ask him what they are but it was months ago and it would just sound weird.

Anyway… You are not alone my friend.