In the market for some new pillows but don’t know where to start. I’m a side sleeper, looking for something firm.

Not looking to pay out my arse for them but will pay a bit extra if they come with strong recommendation.

Let’s have it, tell me all about your pillows.

Are you me? I was thinking of making a thread for this


Thin is the only way. Like bubble wrap thickness if possible.


Loads of the podcasts I listen to are sponsored by Hullo Pillow, which are filled with buckwheat and sound phenomenal but are US-based. Anyone seen any UK equivalents?

Loads of the podcasts I listen to are sponsored by Hullo Fresh, wonder if there’s any relation?

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The eve pillow is a firm one that i have for side sleeping. Cost about £60 though which I’m still paying off. Not as nice as a fluffy boy to sink into but has definitely helped my neck

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do people use two pillows? i’m a twoer and sometimes wonder if it’s a bit much.

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I use three a lot of the time

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Some tips in here, from the other day

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i’m a latex pillow man

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Is that not the guitarist from Bad Thief?

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I still need a pillow

I have worked out I hate hard pillows

I sleep on both my side and my back

I don’t understand why two pillows is suddenly an issue for me

I want comfort

How do you find it? I’m a two pillower but if the Eve is quite firm then do you think I’d get away with one?

Anybody use a single pillow but folded in half so it’s double thick?

Her Indoors does this. It’s strange.


Sort of thing I do if I’m having a really distressed sleep.

Idk. I have a bit of a grudge against it as I can’t say I enjoy it but feels good for me. I sleep fine on it though. Actually last night I put a squidgy pillow on top of it for the first time and it was nice amd think I still got all the benefit of it but just made it a bit higher and softer

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Think I’ll get one then, they seem to have a sale on. I’ll keep my squidgy misshapen ones just in case I need a bit more elevation.

A guy I work with doesn’t sleep with a pillow. Not a single one.

Blows my mind.