PIN Numbers

Going to steal your card and try 2008 now.

I googled it for you Marckee

I believe 1701 is the ship number of the uss Enterprise in Star Trek

Haha, sucker…you forgot that it was my pin numbr in reverse

Mine was given to me by the bank 22 years ago :fearful:

No, 20

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If you put your PIN Number in this thread then it appears as asterisks.




Changing all mine to a dark orange combo pronto.

Can someone explain what I am missing in this exchange - ta

There are three(!) black/dark grey dots in the 69 row. I reject the data.

Looks like 68 row to me

I assume the question was “why have fewer people chosen them”?

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This is a great graph!


Aren’t you required to use the PIN after a certain spend / number of transactions?

Tag yourself!

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I think a certain number of transaction in a short window will trigger it, but I just tap with my phone for everything and it’s never been an issue.

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Recently had a card machine where they randomise the position of the numbers on the keypad and it massively threw me.

I got told that after 10 contactless transactions I have to use my PIN. Might be bullshit though

Mine certainly does this after a certain number or spend. But I don’t use my phone to pay for things and it sounds like that’s a way around it.

Apple Pay has no limit because the transaction has 2FA

Just write it on the card for ease of reference.