Relistened to a fair chunk of their back catalogue for the first time in ages and forgot how bloody excellent they’re. Truly one of the unsung heroes if american indie rock.

Summer in Abaddon is a classic


Don’t know them that well but I’m huge into this song. If all indie sounded like this!


I have that album because a mate gave it to me as he wasn’t that bothered by it. I recall it being decent but, again, I didn’t find myself coming back to it. Not sure why.

always loved this song


I completely forgot about these guys, for some reason I was only familiar with loro but loved it. Was it used in some ad back in the day?

I think it was Fortress that got me into them but this is my go-to Pinback song:

Today I will mostly be listening to Pinback


This was the one for me

I didn’t know Loro until it popped up on an album of covers by Adem (remember him?). It’s bloody lovely though.

I only know Summer in Abaddon and haven’t played it in ages. Jumping in now!

90% sure it was used in some telecoms ad in Ireland during the 00’s.

Yep, found it, was Three.

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Was quite into Heavy Vegetable when I was a nipper. Never really listened to Pinback so probably will now.

(realise i’m veering dangerously into Rob Crows other projects here…)

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Yeah, Rob Crow is amazing and seems like an all round good dude.

I think Pinback remains my favourite, but The Ladies album he did with Zack Hill was pretty special, and the second goblin cock album is great also (although the first gave us this video :joy:

Yeah, they’re great.

Love Three Mile Pilot too - Tom Zinser and Armistead Smith played in them before going on to be in Pinback (other dudes in the group went on to be in The Black Heart Procession).