Pinch, punch, first filth thread of the month

Had any summer lovin’?


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Had a date last night, went ok but not even a smooch goodnight so I think that’s my answer, right?

Ever been partial to sex on your lunch break (anon)?

  • Yes, like it
  • Yes, didn’t like it
  • Had the offer but no

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No but the other day I tried to use voice activation to play the Gris OST on my Sonos and instead it played the Grease soundtrack. If that counts.

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Lost my anal virginity this past weekend. Quite enjoyed it.
(Actually should specify it was a toy and not a full male penis)


Well it’s always in the last place you look.


Summer lovin’, CWBAFT
Summer lovin’, enjoy being all alone in Reading

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had a lovely bonk last night. first in a little while (kids not been particularly settled in new house, then been on holiday). Might try a cheeky re-match tonight, although I want to stay up and watch the new All or Nothing

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Don’t hear ‘bonk’ much these days, do you?

  • Sex
  • Fuck
  • Make sweet sweet love
  • Bonk
  • Rut
  • Hump
  • Shag
  • Bone

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Got booty called last night, was meant to go on a date but apparently nobody has time for that anymore
To be honest if i wasn’t already half cut in the pub I’d have been waaaaay too nervous to

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Please tell us more about this technique @xylo

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you are charming! and also very good looking.


Someone clearly didn’t see my starved cwbaft ramblings in last week’s filth thread

Got a match on tinder but no reply

Peak filth


this is v elementary kissing 101 so far, shirley?

  • pinch
  • punch
  • slap
  • choke
  • spank
  • spit on
  • manhandle
  • please, just gently caress me, I am soft

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Can’t hear bang without thinking of Danny De Vito yelling “I like baaaangin’ hooers”

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