Pinch, punch, first morning thread of the month


Hope you have a good Monday


Still buzzing tbh!


Morning :wave:

Part two of holidays today - off to the Peak District :slight_smile: need to get up and at least make some tea.

Belated happy birthday to @profk! :partying_face:

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Hot air balloons agogo this morning

Sadly this means my day has probably peaked at 7am.



We’re cycling the Camel trail this morning, from Wadebridge to Padstow. Jimbo will be on a tag along behind me, because cycling five miles when you’re only small is the kind of torture I was subject to as a kid. My other half hasn’t ridden a bike for ten years so today we’ll find out whether the old adage “it’s like riding a bike” is actually true.

We shall be actively avoiding any Rick Stein establishment in Padstow.


Terrible night’s sleep. Cba. All feeling very Monday.

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Morning…think we are off to Clevedon for a walk and to see if the dog will go in the sea.

Of course the kids don’t wake until late now so we will see…

We just got an egg from the egg packet and it was cooked. Hard boiled.

Im baffled

Without wanting to scare you off, me and some mates cycled that about 10 years ago and one of those friends was in a similar boat (hadn’t ridden a bike since he was a kid). We made it from P to W, then about a mile into the trip back he got cocky and tried to get something in his pocket, went over the handlebars and cut his chin open to the bone. Managed to drag him to a tearoom just off the trail and from there call a can that took him to a little rural hospital/clinic thing can could stitch him up, while I had to try and work out how to get an extra bike back to Padstow.

Anyway have fun!

feeling strangely well rested, maybe this week will be fine


Just had to call in sick. Wonder how obvious it is that it’s because I got absolutely leathered during and after the football yesterday. Oh well. Absolutely no chance of even dragging myself into the other room and wfh. That’s how bad it is.


Slept for like 4 seconds last night i reckon, 100% full of dread for today as I’ve had nearly a week off. WFH today at least and on a nice sunny but cool walk back to the flat :sunglasses:

can i have another go at July please?

Morning all!

We had a weird night where I spent most of the night in The Child’s room but somehow still feel rested.

Everyone else is going on a play date this morning so I’ll be playing games and then grocery shopping before football.

I’m making a paneer pie for tea.

Was thinking sort of about this last week. When i was young holidays were mostly my parents dragging us places they wanted to go and now my sister’s family holidays just involve going to places the kids enjoy

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Off back to Glasgow, going via Lancaster for a change.

Gonna grab lunch in town i think, suggestions pls

Sure you can, next year


Got that big oil vs the world series downloaded to watch on the iplayer app on my journey

Busy work week with some important stuff and not ready for it being august tbh. blah bleurgh blah.

Got the chorus of be safe stuck in my head.