Pinch, punch, first TUESDAY THREAD of the month.

Good morning!

I have nothing interesting to start the day with, but I am sure you all do, so go ahead…

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Might become a monk.


Good morning FL. Today is my last day of work until a week on Friday so I’m very happy about that.


Morning FL, everyone.

Today I have to take my daughter to a cross country running competition, and spectate, in the rain (and potential thunderstorms).

That’s all I’ve got.

If by interesting you mean planning Instagram content then I’ve got a very interesting day. If you, quite rightly, don’t then no, nothing of interest happening today.

Was going to do a research trip to Blackburn today but its so miserable and wet. Got an actual waterproof coat arriving this week, from Uniqlo, so excited.

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(ACTUALLY…the insta stuff is for a project with my sexy food-ordering Polish friend)


Shouldn’t have had rum and cokes last night. Barely slept.

Blocktech coat? Mine seems to have been pretty reliable so far and is a lot less technical jacket looking than most raincoats which is nice.

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And solve crimes?

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God I hate some people in the Countdown community. The absolute very worst piece of shit on there has been sounding off about how blackface is totally fine and racism only ever happened in America and if we are feeling bad about what happened in America/applying it to life elsewhere then that is the worst of globalisation!!!

All his opinions are absolutely fucking horrible and this is no different. Shout out also to the pure pot stirrer who initially asked the almost entirely white community if intent prevented things from being racist… Fuck offffffff

Gr8 way to start a day where I’ve not slept anywhere near enough :zzz:

Went to see that Motown doco last night was good, bit one sided though.

Made me discover The Temptations - Pyschadelic shack though.

Yeah, not too hot on most of the styles tbh as they’re all made for much slimmer people but I cant continue having an outdoors job with no waterproofs and I like how they (claim to be) breathable

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Feeling a bit blue this morning. Not sure exactly why but a combination of workload, sleepiness, weather, trying not to rely on usual coping mechanisms, maybe delayed blues from turning 40. I dunno. It’ll be okay.

Yeah, I mostly end up getting men’s stuff from there because it is better proportioned for me :sweat_smile:

Extremely tempted to work from wfh purely because I cba going in and I’ve got a load of interacting with colleagues to do for the rest of the week anyway.

Shouldn’t really.




How breathable are they? My Patagonia gets a bit sweaty quite a bit.


I’m getting the train and bus to work, as I left my car at work after meeting up with he_2 last night and having too many beers to drive.

I keep saying it but I really should get rid of the car. I know it’s just pure laziness, I actually got out the house this morning 20 minutes earlier than usual as I had a train to catch.

Morning FL and all

Had a long weekend in Prague which was nice, saw all the sights and got frustrated at all the crowds plus went to the Museum of Communism, which was alright but there were a lot of boards like this one - boy am I glad we don’t glamourise overwork in our society!!!

Anyway I’ve decided to learn basic Japanese as I want to make the most out of a holiday in Japan next year. Had my first class last night which was good but the older guy sat to me had done the first few weeks of the course a couple of years back, so was muttering stuff like “no one actually says that” under his breath and finishing his work quickly so he could patronisingly “help” me with mine. Gonna get there earlier next week so I don’t have to sit next to him again.