Pinch Punch, first Tuesday Thread of the month

Hey folks, somehow it is December already

Took an age to get R out of bed this morning and I could have saved all that effort if I’d only remembered to say “advent calendar” to him :upside_down_face:

Going to library and I’m on dinner duties today. Feels like a bit much so I’ll sneak in a nap too.

Et vous?

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Going into the office.

Virtual Daniel Kitson later.

I seem to have done something to my hip in my sleep. Great.

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Funky Friday :partying_face: and I’m very happy about it.


Our friends here (with three kids) booked one of these, sorted their timezones out and then there was a powercut! :weary:

What’s dinner duties? You helping out at school

Not much, what’s dinner duties with you?


Oh god, what a nightmare

No, I have just been assigned to make dinner tonight at home. With three adults in the house any kind of planning is weird.

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Their eldest (8) also found out about being able to use a Switch controller like a racket for Mario tennis… But without the wrist guard. It hit the TV and totalled it and it’s like 60inches or something insane. Sony won’t even tell them how much it costs to repair for sure without being paid 80 bucks :grimacing:

Ooh right, know what you’re making? Is there a list of dietary requirements?

I’m also going to the library later, but picking up one less book than I’d originally reserved, as when I phoned up for my appointment the librarian said it was ‘the size of a small table’ :grinning:

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Another day of shit here we go


Some vaguely Welsh Rarebit based thing, but made in layers? I don’t know, I didn’t pick it.

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Morning all. Been at work since 6, everything’s breaking down but it’s nearly the winter shutdown for maintenance so we’re bodging our way through the issues as they blow up. Opened my beer advent calendar earlier and it was a fairly ancient looking tin of B*****g Duopolis. FFS :grimacing: :upside_down_face:

And what’s wrong with that? :grinning:

I have nine books to pick up, NINE. Usually reserve a whole bunch and they come in gradually. Not this time. Hoping that R will be excited enough by the new books to not notice all the ones I’ve had to return :grimacing:

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It was one of those jumbo ones to read to a group of children! It’s hard enough keeping track of my toddler without wielding that!
Nine is quite the haul, without being able to browse I’m struggling to come up with new books


I better see them listed in the reading thread when I pop in :wink:

Morning all!

All this library chat reminds me that I ought to check when our books are due back.

We have four advent calendars in this house - a felt one made by my mum for Jimbo, and also a Lego one that he won’t find out about until after school. On top of that I bought a Montezumas chocolate one at the start of Lockdown II to share with my other half, but I subsequently impulse bought a cheese one on a supermarket visit, so I get the chocolates all to myself.

Should be a relatively quiet day at work, so all in all not the worst way to begin December

woke up with itchy watering eyes, absolutely hate that

My main strategies for library bools are:
-ask R if there is anything he remembers he had before and wants again
-find other books by authors or illustrators he likes (or I like)
-look at catalogues from good children’s publishers to find new things (Flying Eye are my favourite and R loves a lot of their factual ones even though some are a bit beyond him)
-get recommendations from DiSers, I think one of the books I’m picking up today was a recommendation from @keith which has taken forever to arrive.

So far that has kept us with a steady stream of books.