Pinch punch it’s the 1st of July 2020

feels so, so much better :crossed_fingers:

going to continue icing it today and then hopefully get out on the bike tomorrow


YES! :slight_smile:

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Morning all!

I’m watching Andy and The Band with The Child while Wor Lass is on the phone to the doctor. After she’s finished, I’m going for a run.

(Spoilers in this post are for icky, disgusting content. Probably best ignore it tbh)

Morning all.

Woke up at 4 after having a nasty dream where I temporarily took over someone’s fish and chip shop where they served massive live insect creatures in batter. Kinda like stick insects but a few feet long and as wide as a decent sized baguette, with these big black eyes you could see moving under the batter after they’d been cooked. And for some reason they kept all the fish and chipped potatoes stored in dirty old pub urinals. I guess just in case the insect thing wasn’t quite horrible enough. Couldn’t go back to sleep for feeling sick after that. Probably not having a chippy tea for a while either. Can’t stop thinking about it.

Aren’t brains fascinating? What possible benefit could that dream have? No, wait, not fascinating. The other thing. Fucking shit.

Hope you’re all well.




Had a dream about someone coming and washing our windows last night. Fucking weird and vivid. Anyhow, loads of work on all of a sudden, so I’m going to be doing that and probably hearing back from the letting agency that we can’t rent the house we were looking at, though in fairness as the negotiations have gone on we’ve become less interested in it because the landlord appears to be a bit uptight so that could be a blessing.

Please everyone, have a better day than I’m about to!

it’s my bros 40th today which is fucking nuts. so meeting up with him and his team later for some lunch/cake etc.

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This month’s Owl Wisdom


That owl looks surprised at that aphorism

Maybe it’s just the sheer force of understanding

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Probably a vengeful owl


Morning. My first thought was, we’re halfway through the calendar year.
My second thought was, how the fuck are we only halfway through the calendar year?
Anyway, back at work already, fingers crossed that TNT manage to collect my parcel at the second time of asking (after I spent my day off yesterday waiting for them to collect it as booked, yes I’m still annoyed about that), trying to find electricians and decorators, and wondering whether I will have to go into the office on Saturday, as has been threatened.

oooooh Paul from Parcelforce is delivering 30+kg of flour to me this afternoon, yaaaaaaaaay


i reckon paul hates you


delivered in 300 100g bags


That is a lot of flour.

just loose. he’s got it in his pockets.


i had to do the maths on mine about 4 times. don’t think i should be allowed near anything important today

Day off from terrible work. Might hit the beach with child :angel::beach_umbrella:

i dunno you’ve got those muscles warmed up now. could try baking a cake?

actually have half of my cookie dough still to bake, so that’s a good reminder