Pink Floyd Exhibition Article

So you posted an article on Pink Floyd and spelt Syd Barrett’s surname wrong throughout?! And just so you know, there are three, not two, Pink Floyd albums with the band on the cover ( A Saucerful Of Secrets, in case you’re struggling). Do your homework yeah?


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Don’t think anyone will really mind though.

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I sort of forget that there are actual articles on DiS


Give us hell, Garethn!

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I dont know how the site can recover

Come on Sean, this is basic stuff!

This is an insult to Sid’s granddaught Cortney Barnett


As with everything, we do endeavour to get things factually correct, and while you may not believe it, I/we do spend a lot of time trying to ensure the accuracy of what gets posted.

Occasionally, however, errors do occur - some bigger than others. Sometimes the writers get things wrong, sometimes I fail to spot them. It happens.

However, a somewhat pithy comment along the lines of “do your homework” or “sort it out” is not particularly appreciated. Let me ask; do you contribute to DiS in any way? Have you supported us through Patreon, or any of our other fundraising platforms? Because if errors are such an affront to you, then I suggest you give us the financial means to pay for some full-time editors, so such things do not harm your sensibilities in the future.


it’s the “…yeah?” that gets me.

so obnoxious.

Yeah… I was a bit pissed when I posted, it probably does look a bit snarky on reflection. Sorry about that. I stand by the basic comment though, it is fairly basic stuff. Would be happy to contribute to DIS (words not £s… got mouths to feed here).

The thing is, maybe it is basic stuff, but you’d be surprised how easy it is to get a name wrong. And not in an obvious way, like “Cliev”, but in the whole host of names that have more than one spelling; Johnston/Johnson, Barett/Barrett/Barnett, Lucy/Lucie, Sean/Shaun and so on. I’ve been a big fan of Oasis my whole life, and I STILL struggle with spelling “Gallagher”. A simple name can be easy to get wrong, and you don’t even think about it…

There may be a few errors, but it’s still a wonderful piece on a wonderful exhibit - perhaps focus on that rather than 100% accuracy.

Pink Floyd are shit anyway

and The Gilmour Girls


Not for me, Cliev.