Pink* for girls, blue for boys

I reckon they should make all the plaques pink*, repaint the blue ones, certainly stands out more


what colour do you think plaques should be? Should we have colour codes for different types of historical people - like yellow for scientists and brown for politicians or something?

Gendered plaques eh? Stupid management decision or clever attention grabbing ?

The best colour is red IMO


I have no opinion on this. I thought I might, but I really don’t. Have a good thread though.

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We were discussing why post boxes and phone boxes were red on a long car journey on Saturday.

We concluded:

  1. Unnatural colour (on the whole) so will stand out.
  2. Doesn’t show up the dirt too much.

Please let me know if you would like to join me on any long journeys.


I wonder how the planning meeting went, where a room full of men (I’m guessing) finally begrudgingly acknowledged that they should be putting up plaques for women, but came to the conclusion that having the same plaques wouldn’t be the best route to the equality that’s what everyone should be aiming for


One thing’s for sure, when i get my “captainricebox WFHed here” plaque on our house, i want it in magenta. It really pops against the brickwork.


Well yeah, of course I do


When does the “are we nearly there daddy” chorus start?

  • About halfway through the journey
  • After about an hour
  • Before you’ve turned off your street
  • Before you’ve left the house

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Red for bad people
Amber morally dubious but jury still out
Green for the good ones



Colour based on why they’re famous
That way you can look at one and go ‘Oh hes a famous ice cream man, wonder what his body of work is like’ without really reading the thing

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This plaque is just down the road from me in Hove, there aren’t any other plaques with this colour scheme as far as I know, don’t know why it’s these colours.

The plaque itself is directly opposite a house with a blue plaque marking the home of the cricketer Sir Jack Hobbs, I like to imagine them having a chat.



They used to be green at one point:

But marckee, they were red on my journey.

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How did I not know that? Oh dear.

The weekend before we had just passed Cobham services on the M25 and were going on to the M23 from there with no hope of stopping when it was announced that he needed a wee. We had no choice but pissing in a bottle. It did not turn out well.

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No thank you.


it’s not obvious really …and now you know

I wonder if Victoria & Jack got on? only 7 years between them and they both lived to a ripe old age. Probably knew each other well

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you mean plaques in general are a waste of time or that these Highgate people are a bunch of timewasters?