Pinkerton or The Blue Album

Seems like as good a topic as any to test the new forum with.

Pinkerton, obvs.

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Tryhards, both of you. It’s Blue.


Yeah, it’s Blue.



Hard to say, both are equally poor.

Have never been able to figure out if this is just a DIS running joke I don’t get or a real thing that I don’t get.


Blue, because Pinkerton has The Good Life on

Blue - 19/10
Pinkerton 7/10

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that was meant to be 9/10, but fuck it 19 it is!


I used to think this was like some sort of unanswerable question and that anyone would be stupid for being able to pick one over the other.

I’ve listened to a lot of Weezer recently and I’ve come to the realization that Pinkerton is quite a lot weaker than Blue and I think I have even started to prefer the White Album over Pinkerton.

So… yea

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Actually, it’s easily Blue for the B sides as well - Jamie and Mykel and Carli are BELTERS

  • Blue
  • Pinkerton

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'zactly man. anyone who says otherwise is just trying waaaaaay too hard

Mykel & Carli, Jamie and Susanne vs You Gave Your Love To Me Softly, Devotion and I Just Threw Out The Love Of My Dreams…

I’d say the battle of the B-Sides is a tougher call than arguing which album is best!

You mean because only a cloth-eared idiot would pick Pinkerton over Blue?


I’ve had White on unbelievably heavy rotation since it came out in April, and I’m ready to go on record as saying.

Blue > White > Pinkerton

There must be more of us.

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*The Wheatus