Pinkerton or The Blue Album

Yeah the White album is top

Pinkerton / Blue > white > green > red > the rest

I’m not a fan of this try hard idea.

I rinsed blue when it came out and i still love it. Only in dreams, is just fucking brilliant.

But although there a few clunkers on pinkerton it just does more for me these days.

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Both are merely ok. The end.

Pinkerton for me and its not even that close.But I also really like Green, Red, White and EWBAITE, so not just a 2 album band for me.

If everyone could stop regarding the Red album as anything other than the worst thing that’s ever happened, and start giving Maladroit some of the recognition it deserves, that would be ace. Thanks in advance.

Green is their only good album.

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Blue 4evz & evz

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Fucking hell

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It can’t be the worst thing that’s ever happened because Raditude happened and that was somehow worse than make believe

Not having it.

Of those three: Make Believe > Raditude >>> Red

Red is by far Weezer’s worst album. [Insert half-hearted caveat about Greatest Man Who Ever Lived here]

Are people still on the whole White Album is good thing?

Revolution No 9 is really hard to get through if you’re not in the mood.


can back this up with facts if you’re interested

Raditude and Hurley were Weezer’s peak.


Very much so. Still in heavy rotation my end.

I currently like it more than Pinkerton

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There’s a new version of the White Album out, and has a couple of extra songs, including a baffling remix of Jacked Up with a member of Pussy Riot.,