Pins and Badges


Hm, there might be other threads doing what this thread does but who caaares?

So, I really like enamel pins HOWEVER, I only have one :woman_shrugging: reason being it was bought for me. There are so many out there! I can never decide what I want, there is too much choice.

SHOW ME YOUR PINS! (and your badges). Also, brooches, I am fond of a nice brooch.



I have this




I have a Leicester City FC crest pin on my backpack, and I like it.


Ooo, maybe we should include patches too! Love a nice patch! Though, saying that, the only one I’ve ever rocked was a smashing pumpkins one on a khaki shirt I had back in the olden dayz.


Had a rage against the machine patch on my rucksack when I was 11 :metal:


We are so cool. The rest of DiS are really lucky to have us here.


Still got my cycling proficiency badge somewhere from primary school.


YES, this is fantastic.


I was the first kid allowed in the deep end so yeah, you could say that I had a few patches on my trunks.


I’ve got my school Sports Prefect badge somewhere.


Scary was it?


I had a tidy up and can’t find a bunch of enamel ones :frowning:



tf is a sports prefect?


Like a normal prefect but we were allowed to use the gym at lunchtime and got first dibs on reserving the courts, in exchange for refereeing the year 7s or whatever. Just spent rainy lunchtimes in the sports hall causing mayhem usually.


I really love these!! However, I don’t love cats so I feel like I can’t buy them. I just wanted to share them.


I think the only badge I ever actually have pinned to anything I wear regularly is a uni society one on a velvet jacket. And I’ve never admitted to that before on here.


No it doesn’t. It’s a title someone’s given you to get you to do something they don’t want to do for free. Right? It’s like making the div kid at school milk monitor. No one respects it.