Pins and Badges


Thanks to instagram, i brought a ton of Simpsons pins last year.
This is one of my favourites:


got quite a lot of music related badges, it’s become a bit of a collection. especially like when bands have free badges at the merch stand. some i’ve never got round to wearing which is a tragic thought

here’s a selection:

also had this one on around the 8th referendum


Also got this pack of four at The National recently


god, even their badges are boring.



ha, quite like the two on the left. the two on the right will live in a drawer.

when I was at uni I had a messenger type bag and had badges all along the strap. no idea where it is now though. best thing about it was that there was another guy at uni who had done a similar thing, and it massively irked him that I did it too.

currently I have one badge on my bag, which my wife made:

I’d quite like to add some more nice ones, but I’ve already replaced this one twice so would worry that I’d just lose them and get annoyed about it.

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Thought this was on one of my jackets, but it seems to have fallen off:

YES! These are great :heart: Love the Moe one.

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The RSPB ones are the best, have a whole bunch of them now and they are all so pretty. I recommend the starling one as it looks sublime where it has lots of shiny bits in it. @Unlucky knows where you can get them in Glasgow, though you could probably find somewhere with them in your locality.

Here is a small selection of my badges:

The embroidered ones at the top I won in a charity raffle at the weekend, I like the right one a lot but the oink one on the left I will probably never wear, will happily pop it in the post to anyone who fancies it.
The Adam Gande and iLiKETRAiNS ones lived on my late teens jacket along with a Hope of the States one, I also had a tonne of badges on my bag along with a couple of patches. Always wanted more patches but never got around to it.
Puffin is one of my RSPB ones.
Bottom ones are cycling related and were freebies, but I am going to put the Ventoux one on something, I do also like the happy Peter Sagan one because it makes me smile.


Aw these are very cool! I love the iliketrains one :train:


That was my favourite too! :train:

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I think I’m going to get this at some point.


Here’s my chin plus a badge showing my appreciation for peep show memes


I was going to buy a Cthulu pin at the weekend but I ended up not doing because you couldn’t tell it was him without being told and I think Cthulu should be instantly recognisable really.


do it now! ive shown you my denim jacket covered in patches and badges before, since then i got another denim jacket that’s not fleece lined and doesnt have badges or patches on it, but now ive got three badges on it and one patch to put on it

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You have! Show me it again, I’ve got a hankering andyv. I need to be led in the right direction! You should lead me! I also want to buy a denim jacket but I don’t know what type to get!! HELP MEEEEE



sorry they’re wonky