Love a good pin, do you collect them? What are your favourites? Any you want to buy?

Top ones: a Wednesday Addams cat my friend got me and a mega mawille pokemon from my brother, have a few pokemon ones but no photos atm
Bottom ones: this pin was a charity one I love it they look like newlyweds. The simpsons one is so good I have a makeup case with the same moe and the plant one is so cute, can’t remember where I bought it though


I don’t collect pins but they were a good band.

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Oooh, yes! I keep meaning to make a hanging thing to display them on but never get around to it :pensive:

Will try and assemble them later, but some examples

Haven’t bought any for a few months so might have a bit of a spree later.


They’re so good! An excellent collection

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Some more


Big fan of those RSPB ones. We used them as wedding favours, everyone got a different one and we had a lot of fun assigning them by personality.

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Ooh yeah I’ve got some good ones knocking around, I’ll try and find them to upload pictures but the ones that come to mind:

Plastic Heinz gherkin
A few vintage Soviet space programme pins
Set of really nerdy Braun product designs
A set of plastic road signs from the 70s I bought my girlfriend

Real long shot, but would anyone be up for a Pin Pals club like ‘pen pals’ but with pins, get it? get it? where you get assigned someone each month and you send them a pin with a note or card and they send one to you? Guessing this is too niche but would be fun so why not ask. Could do it less frequently if monthly is too often.


I always see pins and think omg that would be amazing for user X/Y/Z. Have a load saved to my Etsy for future Secret Santas.

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This is a very cute idea

Quarterly sounds sensible! My good ideas nearly always fall apart really quickly though :joy:


Just got this medieval marginalia pin for my sister. Will probably have got her the whole set by the end of the year - they’re so perfect :heart_eyes: