Pissed Off

Feeling a bit pissed off today.
What’s pissing you off DiS?

being :sneezing_face:

got two band practices this weekend which are gonna be brutal

Hey NV, I’ve been pissed off for a week but now I’m fine! I recommend going somwhere private and having a bit of a scream. Or vent here.

Anyway, thank fuck it’s Friday! :+1::+1::+1::+1:

Chin up NV it’s the weekend soon
That being said it’s alright to just be pissed off too
Go to the nearest sink and start clanging shit about

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Thanks @laelfy x

Relationship crap getting me down, coupled with the realisation that I am now in my 6th decade ( :open_mouth: )

Off out to the Glee Club in Brum tonight for my belated Big Birthday Night Out so hoping that will raise my spirits

Pissed off about not having any money and potentially not having any until the 30th of November. If I had stayed on the Dole I’d be better off than I am now.

happy 60th!!! :balloon:



Waiting for a delivery (a new vacuum cleaner, thanks for asking). Too scared to have a shower, go in the back garden, stop staring at the driveway for longer than five seconds. Dog needs a walk too.

got any mates who can chuck you a bit of cash til payday? you seem like a lovely chap, so I’m sure you have many people who’d do this, no questions asked!

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I’m pissing myself off, but I’m taking steps to make myself less fucking annoying to myself.

been in an incredibly bad mod last 2 days. Enjoying it now though. Honestly though, everyone else is the problem. I’m beyond reproach

We’re all strapped for cash in my house at the moment, we’ve all either started new jobs or just finished studying. Everyone’s broke! Going to get onto the parents and see if they can give me a digout.

The really annoying thing is that I’m employed in one job, starting another in a few weeks, am owed hella cash by various venues in the city but none of it is forthcoming. I’ll be loaded when it all comes in but it’s beans and cheap Polish lager until then.

EDIT: And thanks man, means a lot to be described as a lovely chap!


FTFY :wink:


probably can’t drink beer tonight :rage:

glad to see my loyal vote wasn’t wasted

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But you look mighty fine for your 6th decade :+1:

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I’m a bit pizzed off with one of my ATD’s. well, I was…not so much now

anyway, I stayed at his gaff a couple weeks ago when he went away (I needed a different scene man)

few days later we were messaging each other and I was moaning about not being able to sleep well at the moment. he said maybe I should lay off the booze. I asked him what he meant and he said he’d found some empty tinnies in his recycling and put two and two together. ffs man! I stayed over the weekend, so there were always gonna be empties in the recycling. what sort of prick would notice this in the recycling. bit.fucking.presumptuous.man

fucking narc!

great story

gotta do the hoovering, that’s about it

Think he probably meant well but phrased it poorly. Reckon everyone’s got such a personal standard about that stuff it’s far too easy to seem either easily scared or too blasé about it.