Pissy beef

…on Mumsnet

I thought it would be a showstopper but for some reason both pies have smelled like wee and i was really confused as to why?


I reckon her husband hates the in laws so much that he pissed in the oven.

Please warn facebook of his dodgy meat - No one need pissy beef in their life!

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remember none pizza with left beef? probably been ten years since anyone mentioned that


I love AIBU. This is my favourite type of post. A private conversation of fuck all consequence to anyone, blown into drama.

Like this post if you read mumsnet and you’re not even a mum.

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What I love about the AIBU threads is that there’s never any middle ground. No one actually needs to crowd source an answer or get a jury of people to weigh in. They’re always either being very unreasonable (“AIBU to not want my wheelchair using sister to be in my wedding pictures because she spoils the look?”) or very reasonable (“My husband is cheating on me and says he hates me, should I think about leaving?”)

smelly piss butcher doesn’t seem that cut and dried to me


Does everyone else know what “AIBU” means? Am I the only person who’s just googled it?

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mumsnet nomenclature has slowly infiltrated the forum ever since balonzgate

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That first one was on twitter again today. (it was a mother wanting to cut her daughter’s friend out of her daughter’s wedding photo’s)

I’ve never sought them out but every so often someone seems to link to a thread about someones sex life that makes me never want to have sex again. Poo crumbs was one.


Xylo’s Marvel Hero name?

DP is TV right?

for christ’s sake


remember when that guy made an AIBU about some neighbour’s shed and it turned out he was being completely reasonable in being put out by it?

I’ve seen a few tabloid newspapers using Mumsnet posts as clickbait stories lately. It saddens me somewhat.

the bar is so low now and there’s such a desperate need for #content that fucking any old shit will do. someone tweeted something outrageous!1!111

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But enough about community.drownedinsound.com