Pitchfork: Best Albums of the 80s


Patrice rushen - straight from the heart.

Ultra smooth jazz/r&b pop. Thought id never heard her but boy has this album been sampled. Dont want to hear ‘men in black’ again now I’ve heard forget me nots - stone cold, certified, banger.

Would have HATED this if id heard it in the 80s, but its really rather good.


Genuinely thought you were talking about Prince - Sign o’ the Times then tbf

But yeah, Stevie Wonder is a bit of a genius and it’s a shame that seems to have been overshadowed a bit by later cheesier stuff like I Just Called to Say I Love You. You’d love to meet my dad, that, Talking Book and Innervisions were like a religion for him as a teenager!


A bit off topic but I think the most interesting list update will be when they do the 2000s - that’s very much the Pitchfork era and when they seemed to be really influential in defining critically acclaimed music (declined a bit in the 2010s I think?).

I’m pretty biased against the music on the current 2000s list because 1. I happen to not like a lot of what you might call mainstream critically acclaimed ‘indie’ records of that era (LCD Soundsystem, Arcade Fire etc) and 2. I really felt like I lost touch with music for a fair chunk of the 2000s so ended up buying a ton of albums purely on the basis of pitchfork adulation and hated them without exception (must have bought a hundred CDs before finally learning my lesson…).

So will they switch to the new approach of:
Critically acclaimed hip-hop + Big Pop hits + niche acclaimed genre specific

Or will they stick to their guns with all the stuff they promoted heavily during the 2000s?

If they switch there is nothing quite so obvious in the big pop front as the 80s is there? Shania Twain? Early Swift? I guess Beyonce is obvious but is there really anything approaching being as iconic as Thriller? Would you swap Britney for Madonna, Carey for Houston?


They’ll just drop Animal Collective down about 50 places (and The Rapture down about 100)



Fair enough. What you said. My bad.


I reckon they’ll do one in the next couple years, a decade feels like enough time to re-evaluate


Sorry meant to add something to that then pressed reply early.

Reckon it’d be way heavier on R&B and neo-soul for a start. The likes of D’Angelo, Erykah Badu, Maxwell etc. doing much better. R&B you’ll have Amy Winehouse, Aaliyah, Sade, The-Dream. More Southern hip hop, T.I, Jeezy etc. Pure pop is a bit harder… Wasn’t really a great decade for it.

Obviously the likes of Justin Timberlake would feature much higher than they did. And 808s and Heartbreak would probably get a look in somewhere


Can’t be bothered to look back at the list to see where it is but D’Angelo at no.1 on an updated list I reckon would be a good shout.

Great analysis btw - i always forget about stuff like Amy Winehouse which straddles massive sales with a certain level of critical acclaim or at least acknowledgement.


mm, interesting:


Flipper - generic flipper

First album on the list id heard before. And oh boy, its a good un. I actually normally listen to the sex bomb baby comp rather than this, cos it has the superior version of sex bomb, plus love canal, ha ha ha and sacrifice. Still, any album that starts with a disgustingly sloppy live song that sounds like its been recorded in a bin full of wasps and turns into an anti-violence lecture/them pulling the plug a minute in has to be good; right?

Amazing to think how diverse hardcore punk once was, with bands like this and minutemen (not) fitting in. Horrible skronkky guitars, repetitive basslines, sneering laconic vocals and drums barely holding it together… this isnt for everyone, but it is very much for me.

Official kurt cobain tshirt band #1


Utterly love Generic Flipper. Absolute filth and definitely one of my favourite albums on that list.




surely nobody actually thinks Sade made one of the 10 best albums of the 80s do they

other than Drake maybe


Ill tell you in approx 180 days time


You mean because Mark Richardson and Ryan Schreiber have both moved on (kind of) within a short space of time?


My dad, probably. No I’m not Drake’s secret lovechild


Me, @shrewbie from the sounds of it, @theShipment, I’d wager


dunno, Merry Xmas Everybody is a classic


And replaced by a younger woman of colour, yes

(Which is a positive thing, to be clear)