Pitchfork revises its official stance on 'The Fragile' by Nine Inch Nails


Both reviews are correct IMO…

The Fragile features some awesome music (and production tbh tbf), but like all NIN releases, with the possible exception of Pretty Hate Machine, the lyrics are woefully poor 14 year old angst with a rhyming dictionary stuff. I’ve followed NIN for a long time now, and if I’m going to enjoy their stuff then to an extent I always have to tune out the lyrics to a degree. Or else just listen to Ghosts I - IV in its entirety, which let’s face it, no one is going to do out of choice.


Ah Brent, what a bellend. Apparently his swan song Beasties review had parts retracted - whole thing is here - http://bbs.beastieboys.com/showthread.php?t=21070

My favourite bit of the ‘review’ is the very end, where he implies that he’s better/has more potential than the Beastie Boys:

Like the Beastie Boys, I could continue to crank out divisive pieces of writing here until I go gray. I have more interesting stories to tell.

Haven’t heard anything from him since


Ghosts is really nice work music (no distracting vocals or cringey lyrics) and quite good generally. One of those ‘would have been received better if it was by someone else’ records, I reckon


Oh, so he’s responsible for those odious “concept” reviews?

Wow, I hate him.


My fave of his is Macha Loved Bedhead, Bedhead Loved Macha, which is a lovely record with a shocking review. Smacks of creative writing student not having finished the assignment, and then bollocking a load of ‘writing about writing’ filler to make up for it.

Here’s me going off on one back on the old boards! Thankfully those days are over, eh?


Pretty sure he’s not claiming to be better than the Beastie Boys. He’s saying that he has more interesting things to say than reviewing their albums.


Coming to the opinion that The Slip might be his career highlight, a first half of tight, hook laden angsty ‘singalongs’ and a second half of churning or sparse atmospheric instrumentals, all delivered in under 45 minutes. Essential for anybody who hasn’t listened to NIN as yet.


If that’s what he meant, he could have phrased it more clearly - ’ I could continue to crank out divisive pieces of writing, such as this Beastie Boys review, until I go gray’. As it is, he’s talking about the Beastie Boys themselves, not his review. Pitchfork in poorly edited review shocker.

Don’t think he did have more interesting things to say: his resignation letter review was his career highlight.


I had their ‘Homophobia Is Gay’ t-shirt…


Enjoyed reading this review. The Fragile is definitely one of my top 10 of all time :heart_eyes:


Reznor is a lot more cool in hip circles than he was at the time of The Fragile so it fits that they would do this really. He was very un-pitchfork then.

I loved The Downward Sprial so much though that the fragile never really lived up to it for me and i was never totally into it. Still a good album though.


Speaking of P4k reviewing old records, anybody know why they reviewed Mezzanine the other day? There’s no re-release out or anything, is there?


They do a ‘classic album’ review on Sundays or something, started doing it last year I think.


I think it started when Prince died, and they decided to review six or so of his most “important” albums.


The Slip is very close to my favourite NIN release too.


Haven’t read through the original review, but the score is about right, imo. I had always thought of myself as a NIN fan until The Fragile came out. Put me off them/him for years.


I think it’s weird the new review spends so much time on 10 Miles High. It’s really not that good and the choice to keep the intro for the original (and superior) CD version was a good idea.

wait, PHM is the possible exception here? No fucking way. I don’t deny Trent’s lyrics are easily the worst part, but PHM is especially terrible if you’re going to chide him for the lyrics.


Its just an attempt to get more clicks by giving attention to albums that everyone already likes


If she says come inside I’ll come inside for her
If she says give it all I’ll give everything to her
I am justified
I am purified
I am sanctified
Inside you

^Reads like shit; sounds like genius.


yeah, the lyrics were never the point for me, it was always about the way it made me feel with regards to the arrangement and sound design.