Pitchfork thoughts

How do you manage to review Lost Souls without mentioning The Cedar Room but with mentioning Dave Mathews Band and Smashmouth


Is this Alison Krauss Weather Station? ( i know i can google it)

Tamara Lindeman apparently.

Just got an LP via the post from Resident, and this flyer dropped out of the mailer! Can’t remember the last time a non-mainstream record was pushed this aggressively

Still haven’t listened to it


Feels like 75% of their news stories now are reporting on people’s deaths in a mildly callous way.

Pitchfork, Dead at 24


Like how they introduced a new breaking banner just to announce/capitalise on SOPHIE’s death, that was a cool feature

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Oh how I wish cokemachineglow was still operating. Reading back on some of their old articles and the writing is excellent.


They’ve used that banner for a while, but interesting it does only seems to be for when people die

As mentioned, they’ve been doing that for a while now to announce deaths. I don’t really mind that, it’s the cause of death clickbait articles that are too much for me

Thought I might have seen it once or twice before, but seeming as the news was plastered all over the front page anyway, it seemed both tasteless and superfluous at the same time

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i listened to this and yeah it was…i mean you’ve described it. had a bit of that smug new york times tone as well.

as a side-note, i used to like blackdown’s column on there, but never been able to get on with pitchfork as a site at all. not musically, not writing wise, though i’m sure there’s been some good stuff on there. i think they’re just too much a thing of that fancy american elite for me. just seem to have very few shared reference points.

Still don’t quite get the strength of the reaction towards Chance’s album and the subsequent slating of him. Real build him up to knock him down stuff. That album isn’t great by any means, but other established artists have been granted subpar albums without being subject to the kind of vitriol and ridicule reserved for Chance. Seems like a lot of people couldn’t wait to take him down a peg, and I can’t really understand why. His association with Kanye? The Christian stuff? Dunno.


I have heavy suspicions these days that his former manager was briefing against him on top of all of that, reading between the lines of the lawsuit that the manager has brought against Chance.

No reviews today either. Is pancake Tuesday a national holiday in America? :laughing:

equally dumb was the music press (OK, Stereogum anyway) retrospectively dismissing Coloring Book because Trump got elected after it came out or something, as if bright, optimistic albums were now invalidated

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I feel like he’d have had an easier ride if he’d condemned Kanye, which of course is not his job.

In fairness to most of the responses to the album, though, they were largely lukewarm reviews saying what they didn’t like about it. What’s annoying about Pitchfork is that they said they loved it, then saw which way the wind was blowing and started publicly acting as though they’d slated it too.

My one criticism of Pitchfork (aside from the clickbait which has just become the Internet now) is that they are less brave than they used to be. They have this reputation for ‘hyping’ but they used to be passionate and stick to it. It does seem more about how they fit into everyone else’s narrative now.


In that they stick their neck out less and less…


In the John Carpenter review the called Anthrax and Steve Vai Nu Metal. :man_shrugging:

Did they do a big summer list last year? They usually do a ‘best albums/ tracks of a decade’ list. Just seems like the content has decreased massively recently

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