Pitchfork thoughts

Was a review of Wolf Alice included in the deal?

I’ll get my coat

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Ha looks like that has dropped it off number 1 spot for the year so far on metacritic.

It’d be even lower if Metacritic included the Financial Times two star review!


TBF few scores would make me check out an album more than an Ian Cohen in the 7-8 range

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Only managed the one review on new music Friday?

Had to make cuts due to all those additional staff costs

Halfway through the year and here’s all their 2021 BNMs so far:

The Weather Station - 9.0
Floating Points/Pharoah Sanders/The London Symphony Orchestra - 9.0
Mach-Hommy - 8.8
Dry Cleaning - 8.6
Jazmine Sullivan - 8.6
Vijay Iyer/Linda May Han Oh/Tyshawn Sorey - 8.6
L’Rain - 8.5
Tyler the Creator - 8.4
Faye Webster - 8.4
Mdou Moctar - 8.4
Lost Girls - 8.4
Iceage - 8.3
Spirit of the Beehive - 8.3
Cassandra Jenkins - 8.3
Playboi Carti - 8.3*
Arooj Aftab - 8.2
The Armed - 8.2
Navy Blue - 8.2*

*Came out at the tail end of 2020, reviewed in 2021

I like that Weather Station album, but a 9??

that Weather Station album didn’t make a splash at all did it

Got done by not being able to tour it and pitchfork got giddy with it being the 1st good album of the year.

I listened to this album a few times and remember nothing about it.

fucking hell


How did this review get published anyway? It reads like something a 14 year old wannabe edgelord would post on Blogspot or something.

Ryan Schreiber is the founder and ex-editor of the site.

Just checked and this came out in March 96 when pitchfork was essentially his personal blog


Ah ok well that makes sense. Still imagine being someone who considers themselves a serious music writer©️, banging this out, and publishing it feeling good about yourself.

Pitchfork was absolutely dreadful for the first few years. there’s a reason you can only read reviews like that ^ on The Wayback Machine.


Was looking through an old article about bad album covers in 2006, all fairly bland and mindless until the Richard Butler one… Jesus!

It’s not even that bad a cover.


Fucking hell! Reads like a buddyhead piece


It does indeed. Is buddyhead still a thing?