Pitchfork thoughts

New Kendrick score thoughts? I reckon they’ll 7.8 it or lower.

I’ve not listened to it yet

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8.7 BNM

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Highest it’ll get is an 8.0 imo. Double album that isn’t immediately setting the world on fire? They can’t risk that exposure


All 6 of its reviews so far on AnyDecentMusic are 10/10 or five stars.

but to the subset of indie forum users it is getting critical engagement

I reckon it’s looking like 9.4-9.6.

It’ll get marked down for the Kodak features.


Early days, but currently sits at the top of the all-time (past… 12 years or so) of Any Decent Music? reviews with a 9.7

Top 5 of all time is made up of the past 3 Kendrick albums!

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Nothing makes me feel more out of touch than the world’s love for Kendrick. Just does absolutely nothing for me.



“It is among the most insipid, vacuous statements in recent pop history” :open_mouth:

Going with a solid 9.0

One of their writers who does a lot of hip hop stuff wasn’t talking so highly of it on twitter, but he hasn’t been assigned the review. Only time will tell

I’m going for 9.7

9+ but not sure exactly where. Let’s say 9.1.

Think it will be a 10

Seen some slight backlash, and wonder if the instant 10/10s from other sites will give it a 8.0

7.6 for Kendrick.
FWIW I thought it was an OK write up although I disagree with the score. I think anyone who says this won’t be a divisive album is missing the point a bit.

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Feeling very smug today


Bravo, my friend, bravo.

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