Is anyone else getting redirected to a green screen with “…no longer parked by godaddy”?




Were you tweeting about this Keith? Isn’t happening for me.


No - I’m not actually even on Tweetbook.

Having googled the problem it seems like some people are getting it and others aren’t. It looks like it’s something to do with domain registration renewal but I’m not exactly sure how much I trust Reddit as a reliable source.


This sort of thing is usually down to DNS stuff propagating at different rates with different service providers. I guess they’ve changed who their domain is registered with and so now when you type the domain in some providers’ NameServers have already been updated to point the Pitchfork URL to the new IP number while others are still seeing the old one.


Got it a few times yesterday


this has absolutely done me


Can I ask in here has there been a thread about their general leaning towards rap and hip hop recently? It feels like a gradual but wholesale change in their news output, or is it just me?

I mean the main story at the moment is about Frank oceans albums not being Grammy eligible. Is that big news?


In recent years, there has been this inexplicable trend in the music press to start taking the Grammys seriously (or at least, to use them as an extra clickbait source).


Happened to me a few times 2 days ago


Is the lean not in the other direction - rap artist making music that white indie critics approve of (jazz/ indie ish)? There has definitely been a change in the coverage since I started reading in 2003ish but you could say the same about these boards too.


Thanks Theo - that makes sense.


Yeah definitely. I’ve also noticed it’s become more explicitly political. Like they’ll mention a lot more stuff like Black Lives Matter and other issues in the News section.

To be honest hip-hop/RnB is where music’s at now ain’t it. Most of the big releases these days are in these genres etc. etc. White blokes with guitars don’t rule the world any more - seems like Pitchfork just reflects that. Could seem disorientating I suppose to those of us used to a white music press talking exclusively about white acts.


We’re probably only a few years away from some skinny white boys with haircuts putting a boot up the arse of music again.


Yeah Pitchforks domain definitely expired on the 12th, there’s about a 30 day period where the domain is in limbo and they can claim it back though, which is what I imagine they have done.

I used to manage The Dissolves domains back at my old job (I knew it was shutting down quite early because they decided not to renew…). Also stuff like pitchfork.tv etc.


Well, I guess that could be the case too.


If you look at their annual playlists they’ve always been very high on Hip Hop/RnB


Garage Rock Rererevival, oh boy!


Really? The DiS boards are mostly filled with people who like music by floppy haired people and think that the late 80s shoeglaze like bands were the peak of music.


Aw I miss The Dissolve