Pitchfork's 50 Best IDM Albums

Anyone angry about this?

Top 50 early Warp records, more like


I haven’t got time to read this right now, but I’ll give you a detailed list of my grievances later.

I’m sure there’s an overly-long navel-gazing introduction explaining their use of the term, but I can’t believe people are still using the term “IDM”. It’s elitist, embarrassing, and only a little less stupid than the term “EDM”.

Aye, not angry about it but it shows how pointless the label is. You’ve got glitch, besides ambient, detroit techno, footwork, tech house and what not. Just seems a very weird inclusionary/exclusionary process for what is and isn’t “IDM”.

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Yeah IDM seems a somewhat defunct term now- doesn’t it basically mean non-dancefloor orientated electronic records released since 1990. List is fine but the top 10 with the exception of Jan Jelinek and maybe Fourtet (who was thought of as part of the equally awful sub-genre Indietronica at the time of ‘Rounds’) is really obvious and easy and yes very Warp heavy. Shame not to see Telefon Tel Aviv- Farenheit Fair Enough in any case.

Thing is, I often find it a useful label. Like in RA reviews when the style is listed as IDM I pretty much know what to expect. As Poke says below, it’s basically dance music that people don’t dance to.

Or even what Poke says above depending on how you read this message.

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Anyone angry about this?[/quote]
Not yet but I’m keen to get involved.

One detail irked me. He spent most of the time talking about one track (Beetles) on The Richard D James Album which isn’t really on it. It’s actually from the Girl/Boy EP, and got tagged onto the US release as a bonus track.


Actually shaking with anger over this.

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Hey hey! I said ‘irked’ people! IRKED!

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If you are going to use the term IDM at least stick to the group of artists labeled as IDM in the 90s or artists referencing that particular style. Jlin as IDM is very strange. Would not be considered IDM were it released in 95 nevermind today.

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Top 20 is in a pretty good state tbf tbh

Does anyone ever actually read these? I usually skim the intro, jump straight to number one, then work back if I agree/semi-agree.


Skrillex or someone should release an album called Unintelligent Dance Music

I found their ambient and shoegaze lists to be really useful. But had I used your approach I probably wouldn’t have read the rest. The top 10s were pretty safe, the sort of stuff you’ve heard thousands of times before if you’ve even a passing interest in these genres. The really interesting stuff was further down the list.

I don’t think I really understand the point in this; I can’t really muster up any real ire or irk no matter how hard I try

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You could see Selected Ambient Works as no.1 a mile off