Listened to www.pitchshifter.com a fair bit growing up and saw them live in Newport supported by Janus Stark many years ago.

In 2009, the band announced in their official website that they were working on a new album.
In 2011 the band said on their website “We’re exited to be back in the studio. Looking at a 2012 release right now”
In 2015 the band’s official website domain, which was also the title of their most popular album, had been purchased and replaced with a Japanese website unrelated to the band.
In June 2016 the band tweeted “Looking at some live shows in Feb 2018 in the UK. Does anybody still care!?!?”.
In 2018 nothing happened.

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i don’t think i’d go as far as seeing them live but i will download deviant and probably listen to it

I saw them twice supporting .com (once with Janus Stark at Newcastle Riverside, I think)

Teenage keith really liked them and owned four (five?) of their albums; middle age keith still has the albums and isn’t sure they’re good.

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Also saw them supported by Janus Stark and once with some crappy Roadrunner Records band, think it was the Workhorse Movement. Would not go and see them now.

Wasn’t their singer supposed to a monumental prick, according to the monumental prick who runs Earache Records?

I liked both pitchshifter and the workhorse movement, so would have fucking loved that show (he says, trying to hide the fact that he would still love that show in 2018)

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No idea whether the singer was a prick or not.

Inexplicably saw them about four times as a teenager, always as an inappropriate support act on a weird bill.

They weren’t good then and I can’t imagine the music’s aged well at all.

kind of like the original pendulum tbh


Didn’t they used to do an almost annual ‘farewell’ tour?

I like the song they did about technology and stuff


I saw them live at Milton Keynes “Big Day Out” in 1999. Got a coach from Leeds, I remember also seeing Ministry and Monster Magnet setting fire to their stage.

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This Is Menace was a pretty neat idea

Pitchshifter were a bit shit

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I spent about 4-5 seconds trying to remember Janus Stark’s name on my way home last Thursday. I was unsuccessful at the time.

Every little thread counts

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Is this why this thread is tagged with myvitriol?

‘Last Resort’? Yeah, loved that tune.

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Nah, just another band promising an album that never materialised (though with far fewer promises, bullshit and deceit tbf)

I saw them a few times around Nottingham circa 1992-3. I remember them supporting Fugazi at the Poly, and maybe Carcass as well? They were a lot more industrial then, more of a Godflesh vibe than the later experiments with drum n bass. I always think of them when I walk past one of those Dry Riser Inlet signs.

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Dry Riser was Kerbdog, wasn’t it?


I know nothing of your Earth Kerbdogs. This is what I was thinking of

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