I know nothing of your Earth Kerbdogs. This is what I was thinking of

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Yeah, some of their early 90s stuff was alright. Didnt hear any of their later work.

Eg i prefer their early etc

Same. God, it was hot that day. Lots of hot, sweaty goths

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I was at that.

Not sure if they were ever any good, but what I understand to be their decline coincided with me starting to read Kerrang. First heard that song about microwaves or something on a Kerrang CD and thought it was shit, didn’t investigate further.


Mate they’re all about microwaves.

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Always got em confused with Filter

I certainly enjoyed them at Reading ('99)

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Mate, fucking love a bit of Kerbdog. :heart:


Well hello there


I loved Pitchshifter but everything after www was a bit shit. There were brilliant live too.

This is a beast of a cover.