Pitt and Jolie: DIVORCING


Let’s speculate about the personal lives of some celebs here in a potentially libellous way.

Reckon he’s been banging Johnny Depp personally.

In light of the Brangelina news, which celeb would YOU marry?

good thread Ant because it’s reminded me how bizarre/pathetic i find it when people on Facebook really crow over a celebrity breakup.

Anyone else think that’s a thing? It’s a thing.


I AM on Facebook

But have never witnessed this personally


it really burns my toast


Did this not already happen?


Dunno mate, you’re the lawyer

  • I don’t want to speculate
  • It’s all Brad’s fault
  • It’s all Angelina’s fault
  • It’s all Gwyneth Paltrow’s fault
  • It’s all Marion Cotillard’s fault
  • Squidpan

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I’m not really though.


Didn’t realise that they were still together TBH.

I just Googled “long lasting celebrity couples”. I didn’t know either of these couples existed:

  • Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn
  • Jennifer Saunders and Ade Edmonson


I know I have a reputation for this, but how on earth have you never heard that Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn or Jennifer Saunders and Ade Edmonson were couples?




Just… never have.


Seriously though, I bet even Theo knows this.


Steady on


I genuinely don’t know who Kurt Russell is.


Likes backpacker hip-hop and Gareth Barry.


Are you trolling me or something? It’s not like this is vital information.


this actually makes me feel a bit sad, weirdly


It is fairly well known… like, they’d both be very gettable pub quiz questions.


I had to look up the Edmondson person to check who it was, and I had no idea he was married to Jennifer Saunders. I might have known the Russell/Hawn one, but not with enough confidence to use it as a pub quiz answer or anything.

Some of us consume higher brow culture than Heat and the Daily Mail Online, marckee.