PJ Harvey 2019

Does anyone know who’s the male voice singing the song in The Virtues was (the one towards the end when Stephen Graham was sitting in the park)?

Didn’t see it unfortunately. Is it a PJ track with male vocals?

Is that the Gillian Anderson track?

I like both that and the other vocal track on the album sung by the other actress, although I don’t think she’s as good vocally - her voice is a little more generic English folky. Fine but nothing to distinguish it. Both tracks work really well in context on the album though imo where I guess the act more as interludes.

Micah P Hinson

Thanks. What’s the song?

I listened to the Gospel of Progress album for the first time in an age a couple of weeks ago. I got put off by the whole extreme right wing bore/troll stuff. I do like the album though, I think an artist where I’m happy with just the one album. It kind of does the job.

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That seriously puts me off him as well. I do like the odd song when I happen to hear it though.

I really liked the first 2 albums at the time they came out but I just stopped listening to him tbh.
I think the song might have been Beneath the Rose from the GoP album.

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That’s definitely the right song, thanks. Normally I would Shazam it but I was so gripped by whether Stephen Graham would drink that cider that I missed the chance. I assumed it was a PJ song because I know she did the rest of the music.

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Quite like this new track

Not sure if this is a one off or there’s a proper album due?

Just imagine having 16 better songs than Battleship Hill…

Think I might get rage if I read that.

Just not necessary is it - just listen to the goddam albums.

Yeah, ranking any form of art is a bit naff really. But if it spotlights PJ’s general brilliance and leads more people to discover her then can’t be all bad I suppose. Also acts as a reminder of just how many stunning tunes she’s written.


Oh I’m just being a grump.

Yeah lists are good as a gateway to music - would love my 15 year old niece to see a list like this and discover PJ.

Enjoyed this from her Facebook page the other day…

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Always love revisiting these

This documentary is coming to Mubi next month

I’ve seen it. Nothing to write home about sadly. Baffled as to why it’s coming out now 3+ years after the record.