PJ Harvey Live 2016

Going on the Sunday. I’m quite excited although I imagine the set won’t be much different from Field Day’s (which was good).

Anyone else?

don’t suppose she’s decided to just mug off that last album and go back to playing other stuff, has she?

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checks recent setlists

No, she’s playing all of it pretty much. Anyway, it’s a really good album.

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ahm oot

no Irish dates. typical.

Bloody love her, fair play. But I am sadly missing these.

Did you like the album before? Doesn’t seem to different to me although my main comments are:

  • the lyrics are bad, but the music is good.
  • the second half of the album is a lot better.

Let England Shake? That’s a great record.

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Yes…although I was replying to @ericthefourth which I can see is true here but you might be struggling with board bugs?

I did enjoy Let England Strike although my comments there are about the latest album Hope 6 or whatever.

The lyrics are a bit clunky at times on the new one, and Dollar Dollar is a bit of a damp squib at the end of the album, but I still really like it

it’s pretty similar though i think this one is worse somehow. i don’t love ‘let england shake’ but i can chuck it on sometimes. will never listen to the new one again most likely.

Yeah I tend to skip Dollar Dollar if I want to play something else next anyway.

Well if you want to try it again I’d definitely start at track 6 next time and see how you do. I just feel like from ‘Near the Memorials’ it definitely kicks in.

frankly i think the construction of the whole thing and the voice she is singing in is a terrible idea, just aint ever gonna get on with it. the music seems passable enough.

The Sunday gig for me too. Should be good. Her music and set live at Field Day worked surprisingly well.

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Saw her at Primavera, then again a month later in Montreux. Set was basically identical (one for the fixed setlist thread: a lot of people and drums to choreograph) and I can’t imagine it’s changed much since. Sadly I found it a bit dull the second time around, mostly because I’m not massively keen on the new album. Just sticking in the Last Living Rose would’ve gone a long way to keeping me happy.

Obviously, she’s still a star and everyone who hasn’t should go and see her.

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think i like recent Peej more than old Peej. haven’t listened to the new one that many times but big fan of Let England Shake and sort of prefer her voice and musical stylings now.

Is This Desire? is her best album for me. It’s always the one that I go back to. It’s the one that got me into her in the first place. I remember the support band for her Shepherds Bush Empire gig was The Dirty Three. Brilliant gig.

Sunday at Brixton for me too.

For anyone who doesn’t already know, she’s on at 8:30 and there is no support.

Always been one of my favourite artists and, although I have favorites in her ouvre, her constant reinvention is one of the things that keeps me coming back for more.

Also, that current backing band is quite swish…


Oh right, hadn’t realised there was no support. Doubt we could have got there early enough to see them anyway. Thanks.