PJ Harvey (Rolling - mostly reissues chat)

I’d love to know out of these reissues which has been the most popular and whether that will influence her future musical direction.

I’d guess Stories. It’s easily her most commercially successful album and vinyl copies were getting to be silly prices. 2000 was peak cd era so even though it sold a lot at the time the vast majority would have been cd. Just going off social media stuff I’ve seen it still seems her most popular album too.

Can’t imagine it will influence what she does next. Personally I hope the soundtrack work she has done will influence what she does next musically as I think it’s really interesting and strong.

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Whoever they have as at the warehouse needs a good talking to. It’s almost like they have an unpaid work experience person in there.

If anyone has ended up with a free extra/unwanted copy of the actual Uh Huh Her album and wants some cash for ir, consider dropping your good pal thesewoodenideas a line. Haven’t bought the LP proper as yet.

I wonder if the warehouse/distribution people pay the extra costs or PJ?

I’m willing to pay for the extra record I got but will I get a signed sheet thing ? There’s also the people they’ve got to send off another record to, so it’ll end up costing them a few quid.

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They’ve gotten back to me and said they are sending me the lyric sheet now, so seem to have sorted it out.


Got mine in the post this morning


I’m away from home at the moment and my neighbour told me this evening he took in a parcel that was outside my flat in the rain for most of the day. I’m quite concerned it was this…

What size of envelope/package was it in, and was it wrapped in plastic at all…?

It came in a cardboard LP packaging. No plastic sleeve, just the print.

Thanks. That’s as I feared. Think mine might be ruined :frowning:

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