PJ Harvey (Rolling - mostly reissues chat)

Just imagining them doing a version of Fantasy Football League.

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Songkick got me excited thinking this was a gig :angry:

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Surely they’ll at least do an off-the-cuff performance of Three Lions together

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Full list of spoken-word dates:

27 October – The Fire Station, Sunderland
28 October – Howard Assembly Room, Leeds
29 October – Central Library, Liverpool
31 October – Conway Hall, London
8 November – The Old Market, Brighton
12 November – Bridport Literary Festival, Bridport

General tickets on sale tomorrow. Possibly already available if you’re on the pjharvey.net mailing list.

Edit: No idea why the page has “New Album, Out Now” set as a header.

I was initially tempted but £42 for a spoken word thing is a bit too steep. No doubt it’ll sell out but I’ll leave it.

Edit. Is the London date a midday thing? If so, yeah, definitely will leave it.

What new album? Out when?!

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Yes, turns out to be £43 at midday which seems … ambitious.