PJ Harvey (Rolling - mostly reissues chat)

I love a bit of PJ Harvey, but Hope 6 didn’t really do anything for me. I felt like it was a bit too clinical - like it was a scientifically grown followup to Let England Shake (which I love). It just felt too clean. I should spend some more time on it. It’s kinda good, but it just doesn’t speak to me. Her first albums were so raw and angry sounding, and Hope 6 is a million miles away from that, for better and for worse.

I think White Chalk is fantastic. A bit of an anomaly but it’s actually probably one of my favourite PJ albums.

Can’t really fault any of her back catalogue though.


Well I ended up selling my original Dry LP on discogs for £170. I’m of an age now where I’m not as precious about having first editions of stuff just to show I was there first, nobody gives a rats arse about these things anymore. Just put an order in from my local store for the reissue at £16. Seemed like common sense!


Did you do this after the reissue announcement?

If they are still selling I may have to do the same. I honestly don’t care about first pressings and stuff like that.

Fucking hell!

Sold it on Monday so yes. I’ve also just sold the first Sparklehorse LP for £60, an album by Seaweed for £60 and a Leatherface LP for £50. You think no one would possibly be interested in some of these but turns out they are, especially from the US. I still love my vinyl but some of these I have on CD as well so just trying to cash in a bit.

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problem I have is shipping from Italy is so expensive and slow. Once sold something to the U.S. and it was just more hassle than its worth.

Kind of happy with my record collection so had decided if I was going to sell any more it would just be the whole lot but PJ is very tempting.


really love this performance of the title track

oh yeah the full Basement set is on youtube now


Her 2004 Glastonbury set is up, brilliant rendition of Taut in there


was at this, had never heard taut before and immediately went to track it down afterwards.

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Oh nice! I remember seeing this as it aired at the time and was sucked in completely

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The whole of Dance Hall is absolutely brilliant - basically To Bring You My Love pt.2. Get’s a bit forgotten about because of the joint credit.

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Wouldnt go that far!


Well maybe it isn’t quite at that level but only because that is a stone cold 10. I assume most of the songs were written at the same time. They feel as of a piece. Urn With Dead Flowers In A Drained Pool is as blistering a piece of brilliance as she’s produced imo.

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Just ordered it!

Nearly had a heart attack when i saw ‘sold out’ but that was just the art card thing. Been dreaming of TBYML on vinyl for years.

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on a massive pj binge at the minute. thought i’d try again with hope six but it’s just a big old nope isn’t it. think white chalk might be my favourite album of hers though.


Hope Six is a good 4 track EP. Though im not sure what other 2 tracks would join The Wheel and Community of Hope…White Chalk is lovely…a vinyl edition will be good to have