PJ Harvey (Rolling - New LP, UK & EU Tour)

Reissuing all her albums and sounds like each one will have an accompanying set of demos released. Not sure how that will fit in with 4-track demos though.

Some of her albums go for silly money second hand so good news.



Preordered dry but what I really want is TBYML vinyl :drooling_face:


Says they are all going to be released over the next 12 months so shouldn’t have to wait too long

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Looking forward to Let England Shake. Still bitterly regret missing out on the tour.

Let England Shake was her masterpiece.

The Hope Six Demolition Project was a good album when listened to on record but when I saw her perform it live a few times it’s absolutely brilliant too. The production on the album doesn’t do it justice. It was performed live with bigger crashing sounds which made it so much better than on record.


Ah, can’t wait for a copy of Is This Desire I can actually afford



After checking discogs, my collection of early 90s indie vinyl will be funding my retirement for three months


Never liked The Hope Six Demolition Project for the reason you outlined and lyrically it felt a bit overwritten, which consequently fell short when trying to convey the magnitude of the project she’d been documenting. May have changed my mind had I seen it performed live though…

I need to give it another chance at some point but for me Hope 6 just felt musically stodgy. Maybe that was the production or just the musicians and musical choice made, not sure. Really like the direction she’s gone in on her soundtrack work so am hopeful for future releases.

Despite the occasional lyrical clunker (and it not being as interesting as Let England Shake or White Chalk) I liked Hope Six, she has been amazingly consistent over the years


have only listened to Hope 6 a couple of times but thought it was decent, i definitely prefer her later sound from White Chalk onwards over her earlier stuf

Same here, just catalogued it all, 1st Sparklehorse LP £112 average and the numbered Ist PJ Harvey Album £175, not to mention loads of run of the mill 90’s American indie fetching over £50 each, the first time my wife has ever taken any interest in my collection!


I did ponder selling my PJ albums a little while ago because it only seemed a matter of time before they got reissued seen as she’s had no record label issues and she’s remained critically acclaimed. Guess that ship has sailed but tbh I was very uncomfortable about the idea of selling a record for £100+, just seems wrong.

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wouldn’t put too much stock in discogs prices, just coz there’s only people selling them for crazy money doesn’t meant people will necessarily buy them for that!

I’ll probably grab Dry and Is This Desire. Still not quite got into Rid of Me. Loved Let England Shake at the time but not heard it in years

Wasn’t too big a fan of Hope 6 but The Wheel was my track of the year. Incredible.

They calculate the value based on the last 10 selling prices, plus you can see what the last one sold for and when.

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Chuffed to buggery about the reissues. I’m glad I’ve never forked out megabucks on the originals. (£35 is my limit for any record)

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I know it’s supply and demand and all that but fundamentally I always think second hand should be cheaper.