⚽️ PL GW 37 Return of the Fans/The Rise of Kyle Walker ⚽️

Kyle Walker wins his third Premier League title with the Cityzens of Manchester as his former team mate Harry ‘Harold’ Kane eyes up a move from the Estadio Arseteca to Trophyland

Big news this week is the Return of The Fans

not sure what the restrictions are or what the feeling is … anyone here going to a PL game this week?

The big tie of the GW is Leicester v Chelsea in a repeat of last weekend’s nailbiting FA Cup final but this time the outcome is for coveted Uefa Champions League places. Either team losing points risks their tumbling out of top 4 contention as Liverpool are snapping at the heels of those Pensioners and Foxes (at least until LFC are Burnleyed to a 1-1 at Turf Moor)

Mathematically, Tottenham or even West Ham could still grab a Champions League spot too

Not much else other than pride - and the fans - and potential transfers in the summer - to play for

Any other business? How are you feeling about GW37, the return of fans, the Tuchelling, the Brendaning & everything else ?

Tonight’s fixtures

  • United
  • Fulham
  • Draw

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  • Southampton
  • Leeds
  • Draw

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  • Brighton & Hove Albion
  • Manchester City
  • Draw

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  • Chelsea
  • Leicester City
  • Draw

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Brighton will do us.

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Couple of my mates are going to OT tonight and I’m pretty jelly

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You’ve gotta hope so

what’s the capacity limit, do you know? And is it a ‘vaccine passport’ or ‘negative PCR.test QR-Code’ type affair or restrictonless?

Just realised that it’s also still mathematically possible for Arsenal to qualify for the Europa League

it’s a funny old game isn’t it ?

Doing our bit to keep the colleague in that job a while longer.

Need ID that matches the name on the ticket.
Sign in on track and trace
Allocated arrival times
Masks except when eating or drinking. Social distancing


7th go into the europa conference

Arsenal could come 6th, Chelsea 5th but win the big ears, Arsenal in the Europa

Spurs charging 60 quid for the last game of the season :unamused:

Re: Kane

He owes spurs as a club absolutely nothing, but I just hope he is able to come out soon and say either
A) yeah I wanna leave
B) no I wanna stay
C) it’s complicated, depends on the new manager and stuff and I genuinely don’t know

Been through all the ‘source says player has made his feelings known’ stuff too many times before and it’s painful.

Got 3 years on his deal hasn’t he. He’s going to have to be a real dickhead to force a move I thijk

Seriously cannot be arsed with any more Thursday night games and Sunday/Monday league games.


I don’t think he will be too much of a dick (don’t actually know who his agent is but they could obviously be).

My naive silly hope is that he’s had a meeting with levy yesterday and told him to buck his ideas up and this is his way of leveraging any influence that way

Benzema called up to the France squad then.

Did this get posted? Brilliant


Been over this before but I doubt City will be in for Kane. Age plus having to pay well over the odds plus just won the title, cycling off season beckons.

Ideally I think they’d be after Haaland the season after next when he’ll be available for a relative snip, but obviously one of the more flagrant squids will have coiled themselves around him by then.

Remember when the 20,000th premier league goal was built up to for ages and then Albrighton scored it?

it became obvious then that he was a man who was destined to have great things repeatedly happen to him


Arsenal v Brighton on Sunday.

Delighted that I can go to one game this season, after a 14 month hiatus.

Arsenal are charging £35.50
Won’t stop people from claiming that Arsenal tickets are the most expensive in the country.

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