⚽ PL GW 38 Hodgson's Last Hurrah ⚽

I don’t know why Tuanzebe’s stock isn’t higher

I mean, I know in England terms; he hasn’t gotten games at United

but idk why he hasn’t gotten games at United

other United fans, am I being delusional? had he been ropey when I haven’t seen?

Actually, spurs are shite, he should go back to Swansea

Not sure what realistic options Spurs really have?

I’d rather have Howe than Martinez

posted in the wrong thread before:

would be a weird appointment but would enjoy seeing Martinez at Spurs. has become a bit of an cheap figure of fun like Rodgers was a few years ago, so either he does well and i’m happy for him or he does badly and it’s entertaining, win win

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When did Martinez leave the Belgian national team?

He could at least have let us know here:

he hasn’t, would be after the euros presumably

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Think this is where his problem is for England atm. If it was Stones injured and we were looking for a partner for Maguire he’d be much higher up the list. But we need a big unit next to stones really

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Thought you were referring to Emi and cried inside briefly

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This is another stupid thing - presumably if you want to hire him, you’re expecting him and Belgium to do well, which means their euros won’t finish till mid July!

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OK, as long as he updates the thread…

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There’s the whole thing about judging a manager’s impact at a club by the calibre of their predecessor and successor. So like Poch took spurs from Sherwood to Mourinho. For Mourinho to be a bridge from Poch to Martinez is really damning

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Could get a tune out of Chadli though

Would find it morbidly fascinating to see how he’d do at some of the big jobs he’s been linked with - even heard Barcelona mentioned.

Quite clever to go for the Belgium job really. Don’t think there’s any way at all that he’d have managed to work his way back up the ladder after how things panned out at Everton (same thing with Koeman and the Netherlands, I suppose?). Tournament football can do wonders for your reputation if you’ve got brilliant individuals to rely on.


I’d rather shit in my hands and clap than Martinez

Yeah, the intl manager demographic is a bit odd. You’d think the only other job in world football that Zidane would fit into would be the French team

Kane is gonna be Wayne Rooney World Cup 2010 levels knackered, isn’t he?

  • Yes
  • No
  • I do not know either way as am not a member of the Spurs physio team
  • I don’t think it possible for a professional footballer to look that unfit and tired
  • He’s injured or something and out, dunt u know?

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Wish footballers would get over their obsession with London (whilst also still wanting to come to Arsenal cos we’re based in London)

Why the hell would Tuchel want Willian?

Looked sharp the last few games and has time to rest.

Will drop an aftershave bottle on his foot or something