PL GW35 ft. Man Utd, Man Utd and Man Utd

starting with a must-win match for the Crisps, and a ‘really, if they win they’ll be up to 13th?!’ match for Newcastle

  • Crisps
  • Draw
  • Newcy Browns

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Manchester United!

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Manchester United

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good weekend for euroball

Barca - Atletico tomorrow and Madrid - Sevilla on sunday. WOOF :dog:

Lens - Lille tonight. derby match and Lille’s toughest game left on paper, if they win that and the last 2 then they’re champs

Dortmund - Leipzig tomorrow, @Severed799 please say something about that


Man Utd are beating…

  • Villa
  • Leicester
  • Liverpool
  • None of the above

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Unclear why you can only choose 2 options?


lol whoops

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This weekend, watch the titans of West Brom play the goliaths of Arsenal

If they dont move the champo league final to the UK then it confirms that UEFA are a gaggle of twerps

Leicester will fuck it tonight and will continue to fuck it against United. More confident in Villa than anyone else in stopping the Glazier’s surge to the title.

Apparently the game could be at WHL. Really, really don’t fancy years of ‘weve won more at the stadium than spurs have :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:’ so that idea is not fucking worth the money at all.

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Ohhhh but that sounds really appealing to me


Thank God I can tune out of football for a few weeks until I have to watch Ryan Christie bombing balls out of the stadium repeatedly.

Should be a cracker, Leipzig still have a chance to catch Bayern but with their coach announcing that he’s leaving to go over to FCB they have lost a little bit of momentum, they will possibly be without Nkuku who has been ballin in recent weeks, but Angelino appears to back in form at the very least. Dortmund are 5th and still desperately chasing a champions League spot which, if unsuccessful, will likely see a bit of an exodus from their star players Hårland and Sancho (they might leave anyway, but this would see others potentially go too) so plenty to play for.

It’s also Bayern Vs Gladbach in the evening slot which will have its interest levels determined slightly by the Leipzig/Dortmund game, Lewangoalski is trying to break the single season record, however, so there’s still that to watch out for.

At the bottom Hertha play Bielefeld in a six pointer on Sunday, Union will have a tough time trying to keep their European aspirations alive against an in form Wolfsburg, and tonight Stuttgart play a not quite safe but probably Augsburg.


@drspaceman finally celebrating world goalkeeper day


Good to see Spanish speakers catered for in Northern Portugal


Meanwhile in 2. Bundesliga St. Pauli are taking one for the team losing 4-0 to Holstein Kiel to dump Hamburger SV out of the promotion playoff spot :rofl:

Really torn on whether I want Derby to get relegated.

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I mean it would be very funny

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