Place names that you hate

The first year I lived here I always did the full Saltburn-by-the-Sea, hyphens and all. Got very annoying very quickly.

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Made eternally confusing because I don’t even live particularly close to Saltburn, but my village is just a road name so the address looks like it’s in Saltburn itself. Miss having an address that didn’t need to have an explanation alongside.

Sutton Coldfield: sounds a right bag of laughs

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thorpe as much you’d have to lower the place… :rofl:

central France we have a place called Anus… :innocent:

There can be only one correct answer if you just change the O to Q like I decided to do…not so much hate as moaning…very British :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Temple (old fancy and pretentious)

Think most of the ‘stan’ countries have done themselves, aside from Pakistan and Afghanistan

There are too many Georgias

Central African Republic really could have done better

John Lennon International Airport

just makes me think of adrian mole

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A trifecta of grim sounding and in fact grim Lincolnshire places.

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I like all of these

Lead singer of Rage Against The East Midlands

Barnard Castle

Oops, one of my BFFs ancestors ran the Three Pilchards Inn here

Oh fuck right. Add George Bush International to this list.

Bognor Regis

I don’t like it on a road sign when you’re directed to The Shelfords or The Stukeleys (referring to multiple villages with similar names). Makes them sound like some posh family.


Reckon you’re onto something here, The Shelfords are pretty posh, you get it with the Gransdens (posh) but you don’t get it with The Cambournes (not posh)


Any lakes called “water”

Call a lake a fucking lake ffs

The Ortons are very much not posh. Nor the deepings (although I’m slightly suspicious of West deeping)

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