Place names that you hate

Quite like places called ‘water’ that have water.

Hate Waterbeach (no water, no beach) and Landbeach (no beach, although it is on land I guess)


The Hemingfords too. Fuck off, Hemingford Grey and Hemingford Abbots!

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Amongst The Lenches, down Evesham way, there is Ab Lench, Atch Lench and Rous Lench which are just plain weird names.

Yeah but what kind of water are we talking about? Brook? Bodden? Bight? We gotta have some warning!

Once drove through a place with the unfortunate be of Clungunford.

Bring your daughters?


Hungerford is a bad name

Loads of terrible neighborhood names in America. ‘NoMAD’. ‘NoLita’. ‘Old East Baltimore Historic District’. ‘Pigtown’. ‘South Los Angeles’.

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Almost added that, but I guess it at least still sounds cool to me because of that festival they used to do there.

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Some great ones in the US as well though. ‘The Ironbound’. ‘Union City’. ‘Babylon’

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I was going to post Clitheroe in here but I just spotted a Clitheroe news article has been shared in a Facebook group that’s mostly full of Americans and they’re all asking if you pronounce it Clit Hero and now it’s my new favourite name



Just Googled it. “Sla-wit”? Really!?


I drove through Whaplode (Lincs) earlier. Whaplode.

The pronunciation makes absolutely no sense considering it’s in Yorkshire, and nobody called the Amanda Redman-starring Leeds-set TV series “At Home With The Brawats”

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Just makes me think of Charlie Hungerford. But also this is absolutely nowhere near the Channel Islands.