Place your bets, when does the next Avalanches record come out


LP#3 - Day 1


December 15, 2019.


I fucking loved wildflower.

But probably the same time when real replicants come out.


before the next My Vitriol record


I also wonder if Chromatics - Dear Tommy will come out before we all die in the USA vs North Korea nuclear war :frowning:


Reckon either within the next few years or never tbh


Based on albums’ one and two, I’m going with 2032.


after the new Pop Will Eat Itself album


Maybe they’ll Terrence Malick it and churn out a load of shite at an ever increasing rate


I actually gave up on there ever being another Avalanches album. I’m aware Wildflower exists, I just no longer give a shit.


Genuinely worried this could be what happens


I’m now convinced that the entire series of Twin Peaks is going to end with Dale Cooper holding a copy of the new Chromatics album and this series has just been a lead up to that point like Frank Ocean did with Endless and the staircase.


2 years I bet. Wildflower was a compilation of failed projects and given that history was pretty good subway and the song after that were great. But it felt like a collection.of.tracks rather then a journey.

I look forward to the next one. It’s not.going to be another since i left you but I’m fine with that. I’m glad Wildflower killed they hype. Follow ups are never as good and mythologising around the next release was getting pretty nauseating.


After The Winds of Winter comes out