"placemarks" on a thread

(remind me baby of you!)

I was just thinking: is it possible on Discourse to mark particular placemarks on a long thread? Today’s HGATR thread is likely to be very long, and I’m not going to be following it all day, and it would be nice to be able to skip to (say) the top 50 or whatever.

The “summarise” function is useful to an extent but this only gives you the most-liked posts.

Might be useful for AQOS as well.


Alongside the like, edit etc options on posts there’s a bookmark one.

Don’t ask me exactly how it works because I dunno, but I think it should do what you’re after next time you need it :slight_smile:

Can you bookmark a post for the benefit of others?

Ah… Then I don’t think so, no.

I thought you meant just to keep track for yourself.

You can do an after the fact one in a post sort of like I do here

where you can can see I did a link column for the given Post number.

If you take the thread URL, i.e.
you can then build it into a given post direct link as in

Then you can turn that into a standard link with text: Construction Time Again

You can sort of work this into an Excel formula by having your column of results, then post numbers in column b and then having C be like

="[" & A1 & “](URL GOES HERE/” & B1 & “)”

Then getting a moderator to paste it into post 1 or change the title to say (index on Post XXX) where you put it.