Places and/or geographical features that no longer exist, but you wish still did so you could visit

There was an interesting scientific article recently which suggested that the biblical story of Sodom & Gomorrah was actually a Tunguska-like meteor airburst event

Lot’s Wife?

“Oh wise one, tell us again the tale of the low times!”

“Well youngsters since you insist. Once upon a time, long long ago, an airburst-related influx of salt (~4 wt.%) produced hypersalinity, inhibited agriculture, and cause a ~300-600-year-long abandonment of ~120 regional settlements within a >25-km radius. So it is said.”



I read the paper that article draws on. Really interesting stuff.

Yeah, absolutely fascinating

I used to be really obsessed with this kind of stuff - abandoned ancient cities, underwater ruins and all that

Quite a trip to go through the mind experiment of wondering what it must have been like on a psychosocial level to witness or survive something like this at that point in history


Wish I could go back to Action Park in its prime. Don’t think we’ll ever get anything like it again.


El Dorado