Places in uk that don't really belong in the county they sit within

Warrington being in Cheshire (traditionally Lancashire) and Bournemouth being in Dorset (traditionally Hampshire) feels a bit off.

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Southend should be a suburb of Manchester

Preston should be in Essex

Skegness should be in Scotland



Far north of Scotland or far south of England, who knows :woman_shrugging:


I reckon anything south and east of the A46 (or the Fosse Way, if you’re being generous) should just be given to Oxfordshire and Northants. Or just make the not Tory/countryside bits part of the West Midlands.

Burton on Trent should absolutely be in Derbyshire.


it is extremely Yorkshire, though

No thanks mates there’s enough plastic reds in Southend already

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Actually it belongs in north Essex rather than south Essex, and all of north essex belongs not in Essex.

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I’d like to make an impassioned plea not to banish my beloved first home town to North Not Essex.

It is extended Basildon when you think about it, Lake Meadows is a very nice park and while I admit it’s a bit up its own arse it’s not quite Leigh on Sea.

Please let Billericay stay!

Where are we drawing this line? I’m happy to keep Chelmsford in real Essex but it’s not a hill I’m willing to die on

Tebay is the wrong side of the scotch border

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And Penrith should be in wales

Absolutely furious that Brighton is in East Sussex and not West Sussex like I always thought it was, move it over the border. It has no business being in East Sus.

Milton Keynes should be nearer Birmingham, Sevenoaks can go to Surrey, Dartford should be in London.

East Riding of Yorkshire should subsume all the other bits of Yorkshire because they’re all so snotty about it and we all love an underdog story.

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Roughly this, I’m open to border negotiations though.

I consider anything west of Brentwood to be London, so it’s more like this imo

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I’ll accept, Epping Forest is pretty much London so they can have that and Harlow can go to Hertfordshire.

Slight niggle which I am assuming is simply a drawing error that you have included a little bit of the Dengie when the river Crouch should really be the border line.

North Essex are free to choose their own name if they aren’t happy with Notth Essex.

Yep was an error, the crouch is fine as a border, I propose Essex Minor if they wish to keep some link to the name

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But it’s where I keep my stuff :scream:

I dunno. It’s always felt pretty Essex whenever I’ve been.